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Wisconsin Coalition for Person Directed Care

Contact Information
Donna Zunker, Chair
Jenny Harrrison, Co-Chair


The Wisconsin Coalition was formed following the St. Louis Accord in June of 2005. The Mission of the Coalition is to work towards fostering a culture that creates "home" and affirms the dignity and value of each individual. 

Organizational Structure
  • The Coalition is made up of 25 members who in some form have a stakehold in Wisconsin Nursing Homes;
  • A five member steering committee sets the month's agenda, and makes recommendations to the Coalition;
  • The Coalition is a 501-C3;
  • There are three sub-committees, Education, Marketing, and Best Practices;
  • Meetings are held monthly – either by teleconference or in-person.


Organizations that have representatives on the Coalition were requested to give a donation in order to secure start up funds. The Department of Health has also contributed funds. We have also established Friends of the Coalition. Nursing Homes have the option of becoming a Friend by giving a donation – depending on the size of the donation the facility receives various levels of recognition.
Major Activities This Year

  • Completed website;
  • Given five presentations on culture change. One presentation has now become a webcast. Two additional webcasts are in the process of development;
  • Designed a unique display booth that is used at various conferences in an effort to become more visible as a Coalition;
  • Established Friends of the Coalition;
  • Finalized a brochure.