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Pioneer Network's 10th National Conference

Meeting at the Crossroads

Think of the fine city of Indianapolis, and images of the Indy 500-speed race quickly follow… a collection of very fast cars going around and around in a circle at amazing speeds, all with the goal of finishing the race in first place.

Culture change agents are engaged in an equally intense journey with much at stake, but culture change is the mirror opposite of the Indy 500 race.

As we are so fond of saying…
Culture change is about the journey, not the destination

Culture change doesn't need a specific vehicle to get moving.
The vehicles carrying us through culture change are idiosyncratic and custom made.  It may be a renovated building, such as a rebuilt nursing home now using households. It may be a brand new Green House built with love and employing shabazims. Perhaps it is a neighborhood in an assisted living that is unable to afford to make environmental changes, but is nevertheless moving one step at a time toward that distant flag.  It may even be your own home retooled to use culture change principles on a one-to-one basis with your Mom who has Alzheimer's disease.

Culture change does not need a circular track, or even a set course.
Watch out for that turn in the road! Culture change has tracks that come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes and lengths. Ramps, bumps in the road, and detours into the unknown are par for the course.  For some, the track changes mid-course -- and yet they keep moving forward. Even a pit stop can be progress!

There are many crossroads,
and many victories.

Culture change is not a race to the finish.  There isn't even a defined finish! Culture change is not a competition but a continuous journey. Ever changing and ever improving, along the way there are crossroads, victories, mile markers and so many moments which make the entire course worth every turn.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
start your engines!

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