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Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action

Monthly Webinars for the whole team from Pioneer Network


2016 Hot Topics Webinars Available for Purchase as a Bundle!
The dates, topics and presenters are set for Pioneer Network's 2016 webinars! We are offering all 12 webinars for a discounted bundle price of $890 (that's 3 free webinars from the individual webinar rate). Many of these webinars are from our most highly rated 2015 conference sessions. Topics are always highly relevant to person centered care/person directed living. The 2016 webinar titles include:
  • Individualized Care Planning = Compliance with CMS Requirements (details below)
  • Building Community through Meaningful Engagement
  • Palliative Care for Persons Living with Dementia: Why Comfort Matters!
  • Educating the Next Generation of Nurses in Person-Directed Care
  • Re-empowering Staff: Direct Care Employees T.E.L.L. their Story
  • The Role of the Medical Director and Attending Physician in Advancing Person-Centered Long-term and Post-acute Care
  • Person-Centered Care Leadership: Meeting the Challenges Together
  • What's in your Bundle? A Communication Map to Engage Staff in Individualizing Care
  • Improving the Dining Experience: Practical Solutions backed by CMS Regulations and the New Dining Practice Standards
  • Family Matters: Creating Person-Centered Care Partners
  • Well-being is a Rainbow Flag: Putting Well-being Back into the Lives of the LGBT Elders Through Person-Directed Practices'
  • Measuring Intangibles: A Review of Tools to Assess Quality of Life and Well-being
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If you're not interested in the bundle purchase of the 2016 webinars, each individual webinar will be available for $99 and you will receive the On Demand webinar after the live webinar.


Building Community Through Meaningful Engagement
February 11, 2016, 2-3 p.m. EST

Registration: $99 
(includes live webinar and webinar recording that can be watched/shown as many times as you'd like)  CLICKHERE TO REGISTER
Special 2016 Offer: Purchase and register for all 2016 webinars at the bundle discount price of $890 (for 12 webinars), please email before registering.
 CEs for nurses are available for each webinar at an additionalfee of $10 each

Webinar Description
How can you build true community by engaging Elders and the care team in new and innovative ways? Join us for this webinar as we discuss concepts that have worked in our homes to build vibrant communities that promote growth for all. We will discuss new ways to strengthen individualized approaches to protect and honor personal preferences through innovative programming methods. We will also define intentional spontaneity and outline the benefits and discuss how to build flexibility into the day.

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify new ways to promote identity throughout the community through concepts such as Hall of Fame Café, Taste of Hometown and Simply Me.
  2. Describe the benefit of "intentional spontaneity" and how flexibility builds empowerment in the community.
  3. Discuss innovative programming ideas that build engagement such as Summer Camps and Elder Vacations.

Angie McAlister, Director of Cultural Transformation-Hometown, Signature HealthCARE and 
Linda McDaniel, Director of Clinical Care-Hometown, Signature HealthCARE

Angie McAllister has worked in healthcare for over 20 years. During this time she has served in various roles and positions including certified nursing assistant and Activities Director. She has worked at Signature HealthCare for the past 8 years and currently serves as their Director of Cultural Transformation. In this role she has the opportunity to lead innovative efforts to honor personhood for those living in 67 Signature HealthCARE communities. She is also a Eden Educator and Mentor and has graduated over 300 Eden Associates over the past four years. It is in this role that her passion to restore Elderhood and promote "life" for Elders everywhere becomes most evident. Her love for the Elders drives her to lead others in overcoming obstacles before them that may stunt growth in their journeys. An advocate for Elders all over the globe, Angie strives to create a paradigm in which Elders are restored the freedom to live life to its fullest daily while striving towards optimal well-being.

Linda McDaniel has been a Registered Nurse for 36 years. In that time, she has served as the Director of Nursing, Regional Nurse Consultant, and Area Director of Clinical Services in the Long Term Care setting. She has been employed by Signature HealthCARE, LLC for nine years, and currently serves in the position of Director of Clinical Culture Change for the Hometown Segment. In this role, she has planned and presented many educational offerings. She is an Eden Alternative Educator and Mentor.