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Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action

Monthly Webinars for the whole team from Pioneer Network


Pioneer Network is partnering with the Hartford Institute of Geriatric Nursing at the New York University School of Nursing on these webinars. Each webinar will award 1 nursing contact hour to those attendees who desire CEs. Information about how to obtain CEs for an additional $10 fee will be provided during each webinar. 

The NYU College of Nursing Center for Continuing Education in Nursing is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses' Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.
Pain Management in Dementia: 
One Person at a Time

SESSION TWO: October 20, 2015, 2-3 p.m. ET

Description: Using a lecture format with case studies to provide clinical examples, the content in this session will cover key components of managing pain in the person living with dementia. This session provides follow up to the pain assessment session. An overview of options for individualized pain care will be provided, focusing on the importance of analgesic trials, communication, and documenting results. 

Learning Objectives - At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Discuss overarching principles of pain management for persons living with dementia.
  2. Articulate at least two evidence-based non-pharmacological approaches for addressing pain.
  3. Identify best-practice strategies in the pharmacological management of pain. 
  4. Describe the appropriate use of an analgesic trial. 
  5. Competently use a universal tool to enhance communication among health care providers

Kristen Swafford, RN, PhD, CNS 

Kristen has worked exclusively with the geriatric population in her 14 years of clinical experience in both mental health and nursing. During that time, she walked in the shoes of a mental health professional working with older adults with chronic mental illness and physical disabilities, aCNA, a floor nurse in a nursing home, and a nurse-manager. It was those experiences that propelled her academic pursuits. After completing a geriatric clinical nurse specialist program at Oregon Health &Science University's School of Nursing, she earned her doctorate there,with a focus on person-centered ways of caring for people with dementia living in the nursing home setting. Pain management, delivered in person-centered ways, has been Kristen's passion ever since entering graduate school. She currently contributes as an advocate, educator,consultant, and mom.


Pain Management in Dementia: One Person at a Time
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action webinars available at $99 each. 
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The Experience and Impact of THE GREEN HOUSE® Project and Household Model

Date/Time: November 11, 2015, 2-3 p.m. ET 
Registration Fee: $99

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Susan Frazier Ryan, BSN, MA, Senior Director, The Green House Project
LaVrene Norton, MSW, Founder, Action Pact

The Green House model and Action Pact's Household model both provide self-directed living for the frailest among us. Each has unique characteristics, but also commonalities. Households and Green House homes both result in new physical layout, organizational redesign, and resident directed life. Join Senior Director of The Green House Project, Susan Frazier Ryan and Action Pact Founder, LaVrene Norton, to gain insight into lessons learned about the process for creating deep and sustainable change. High involvement and serious investment from many stakeholders in the organization is the path to changing habits and systems that create new and sustainable culture. Regardless of the current physical layout, it is essential that cross discipline teams are engaged in the process and able to apply what they learn to their day to day work. Participants will leave this webinar with an understanding about the importance of transforming the thinking of the organization first in order to produce those changed behaviors that result in in quality resident directed living.

Learning objectives:
  • Describe the key components of both The Green House model and Households, noting their similarities and differences. 
  • Recognize physical, organizational and practice differences between institutional models of care and the household model.
  • Understand the evidence base that supports small house models and the positive outcomes that are associated with this new paradigm. 

About the presenters:
Susan Frazier Ryan, BSN, MA, has over 25 years of nursing experience with a predominant concentration in the field of gerontology and Alzheimer's/dementia care. She currently serves as Senior Director of The Green House Project. Her passion for improving the quality of life for elders has been demonstrated in a variety of settings.  Prior to working with The Green House® team, Ms. Ryan served on the leadership team of a non-profit continuing care retirement community, where the organization transformed their culture by assessing industry innovation and outcomes and developing strategic and educational protocols. Additionally, her experience includes leadership roles as Director of Nursing for a nursing home and as a Geriatric Nurse Educator providing grant-funded programs to support deinstitutionalization of community seniors. She has also worked extensively with older adults in a home care setting.‚Äč

LaVrene Norton, MSW, is the founder of Action Pact, a national training and consulting organization specializing in creating a climate for resident-directed life through the development of households in long term care.  LaVrene has assisted organizations on their journey to households since 1997, and has guided scores of organizations into leadership in the household movement.  An organizational change facilitator, Norton is co-author with Steve Shields of "In Pursuit of the Sunbeam," and publisher of "Culture Change Now," a magazine dedicated to promoting change strategies in elder services. She also co-authored, with Carmen Bowman, "Vibrant Living, Inspirations to Energize Vibrant Life."  She is the executive producer of numerous educational videos focusing on the household model.


The Experience and Impact of
THE GREEN HOUSE® Project and Household Model

Tuesday, November 11, 2015
Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action webinars available at $99 each. 
Please register early to reserve your spot.

Creating and Shaping Experiences of At-Homeness

Date/Time: December 17, 2015, 2-3 p.m. ET
Registration Fee: $99

Sheila L. Molony, PhD, APRN, GNP-BC, Associate Professor of Nursing, Quinnipiac University

What does it mean to feel at home? This webinar will define at-homeness and provide ways of fostering quality of living and thriving in all long-term care and living environments by focusing on specific experiences of at-homeness. The discussion will include actions that can be taken to create, shape and maintain those experiences.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will:
  1. Define at-homeness and differentiate meanings of home as a place vs. a place-based experience vs. home as a process.
  2. Describe meaningful experiences of at-homeness.
  3. Discuss key action steps in creating and shaping experiences of at-homeness within the current practice setting at the individual level, group level, organizational level and policy level.

About the presenter:
Dr. Molony received her BS in Nursing from Boston University, and her MS and PhD in Nursing from the University of Connecticut. She completed a Claire M. Fagin post-doctoral fellowship at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing, sponsored by the Building Academic Geriatric Capacity initiative of the John A. Hartford Foundation. Dr. Molony's program of research focuses on the relationship between at-homeness and thriving for older adults experiencing multiple co-occurring transitions (e.g. relocation to a residential long-term care setting due to decline in health or function).


Creating and Shaping Experiences of At-Homeness
Tuesday, December 17, 2015
Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action webinars available at $99 each. 
Please register early to reserve your spot.