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A National Learning Collaborative: Integrating the MDS 3.0 Into Daily Practice

On June 1, July 13 and September 15, 2011, Pioneer Network hosted a groundbreaking three-part webinar series to introduce why and how to put in place the organizational changes necessary to implement MDS 3.0 so that it contributes to strong organizational performance. Hundreds of participants from around the nation heard up-to-date information from the CMS MDS team and concrete strategies presented by Barbara Frank, Cathie Brady and MDS Team and Practitioners from across the nation.

Although the series is concluded, all three parts are available as a DVD set.


Every home has to use MDS 3.0, but not all homes are using it to its fullest potential. The MDS process has the single biggest impact on every nursing home's quality care, reimbursement, survey results and public ratings, yet in most nursing homes, very few staff are even familiar with the elements of the MDS or use it as a tool in their daily care-giving. Learn how to integrate the MDS 3.0 into daily practice in a way that engages staff, invigorates unit-based quality improvement and care planning, advances person-centered care, and contributes to staff stability, morale, and performance. Homes that have these practices in place have seen improvements in workforce stability, quality of care, census, reimbursement for services, and other organizational performance measures.  More than just a new form, the MDS 3.0 has the potential to drive resident-centered care. This webinar series goes beyond the form to identify how to take a team  approach. It is targeted to administrators, DoNs, and other organizational decision-makers.

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Integrating the MDS 3.0 Into Daily Practice: How to Improve Clinical and Business Outcomes
Hear the clinical and business case for engaging hands-on caregiving staff in the MDS process.
Practitioners will explain how to align documentation at the bedside with MDS coding to achieve better clinical outcomes and capture care provided so it can be paid for. Administrators, DoNs, and MDS coordinators will provide the step-by-step process to align CNA flow sheets and daily nurse charting with key elements of the MDS such as residents' mood, functional status, cognition, appetite, and clinical condition, and with QIS information about residents' preferences and satisfaction.

Guide for Group Discussions

Sharing Successful Strategies from Maine Culture Change Coalition / LANE


Integrating the MDS 3.0 Into Daily Practice: How-to Put Organizational Systems in Place
This webinar will explain how to put in place the organizational practices that integrate the MDS into daily front-line care. Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and other practitioners will discuss three key areas: (1) maximizing hand-offs between shifts, (2) using start-of-shift and end-of-shift huddles to capture care provided, resident needs, and any risks and opportunities, and (3) making the care planning process responsive to daily developments in care.

Guide for Group Discussions


Integrating the MDS 3.0 Into Daily Practice:
MDS 3.0 and Quality Improvement

Learn how to use MDS 3.0 to link daily care with interdisciplinary unit-based problem solving and quality improvement. Practitioners will share how to use the team approach to the MDS to tackle clinical areas and how they are measuring the results.
In addition to the webinars, more than 500 people participated in the 
 National Learning Collaborative
at the 2011 Pioneer Network National Conference.