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The Gaping Hole

Allen Power's Blog

Al Powers - Allen Powers Blog

A recent online Medscape post reported on a presentation given at the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry that called into question recent government efforts to decrease antipsychotic use in people living with dementia. The researchers presented the results of an antipsychotic withdrawal trial in which twice as many people relapsed when switched to a placebo as those who remained on the antipsychotic. Based on these results the investigators strongly recommend re-examining current Federal guidelines for attempts at drug withdrawal.

To me, this represents a perfect example of how our biomedical/psychiatric view of dementia and its related distress has put serious limitations on our vision. An entire body of psychosocial literature has been ignored with this study, and an erroneous premise has led to an equally erroneous conclusion. How could a room full of physicians "thunderously applaud" the study's recommendation, with no notice of the hole you could drive a truck through? Let's consider a few points: Click here to continue reading.

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