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'Green House' care system getting positive results

Kristi L. Nelson -

Nursing home more like community

Tupelo's Cedars Health Care Center didn't look like any nursing home the board members had seen before.That's why they loved it.

In fact, they found the Mississippi long-term care facility's "Green House" concept so inspiring, they came home with a big ambition: a similar plan for their Jefferson County Nursing Home.

"The question wasn't, 'Are we going to do it?' " remembered Roger Mynatt, administrator of the Dandridge nursing home. "It was, 'Roger, how soon can we do it?' "

The board had checked out the Tupelo facility on the recommendation of Knoxville architects the Lewis Group, who had seen a presentation on the Green House model, which aims to "deinstitutionalize" long-term care by creating small communities in houses.

What they liked about it, Mynatt said, "was the fact that it looked like home. It was just such a difference from the traditional institution. The board saw that the elders had better quality of life, and that it was a good situation for the staff, and they wanted it. They thought, 'That's what we  need.' " Click here to read the full story

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