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First 24 Hours: An Unfolding Case in Person-Directed Care

Free Online Module

Pioneer Network

Pioneer Network is pleased to announce that the "First 24 Hours: An Unfolding Case in Person-Directed Care" is now available for free on Ohio State's Topics in Gerontology Distance Learning website:

The first day that a resident spends in a nursing home is a complex time. Although most homes have systems in place to gather information and to orient the resident to a new environment, homes that emphasize person-directed care also use this time to begin integrating the new resident's choices into daily life and a plan of care.

This free, interactive, educational module examines an inter-disciplinary perspective of systems to support person-directed care in the first 24 hours and uses videos, tools and examples to engage and educate the learner on how to achieve positive impact well beyond a resident's first day in the home.

It's available for use in classroom or distance learning, provider trainings, workshops, presentations or on your own.

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