2018 Pioneering a New Culture of Aging Conference Learning Circles

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In learning circles, we posed the following question:

If there was one “rule” or “generally accepted practice” that you could change or eliminate to help you do what you WANT to do to support elders or other care partners, what would it be?”  

We know that not everyone had a chance to participate in the learning circles – some because there were so many things to do during the conference, and others because you were back home supporting your Elders!

Please consider joining us on Facebook for a “virtual learning circle” and let us know your thoughts about this question.

Pioneer Network will be gathering all the feedback from the conference attendees and our social media responses and use it for an initiative to help raise awareness about the challenges that regulations, real or perceived, poise for those working to change the culture of aging in licensed settings.

One comment on “2018 Pioneering a New Culture of Aging Conference Learning Circles

  1. Wendy Vaughn on

    Having been a member of a leadership team in a progressive LTC organization that committed to changing its culture for nearly 20 years, I’ve been part of rewriting many “rules” and recreating practices. Internal rules and practices can be changed. It’s the mindset of the leaders or those holding the ability to change those rules and practices that prevents or promotes rewriting them. Changing the culture means changing our beliefs, values, sets of rules, practices, our hearts and minds. Then we must boldly share and inspire others to see the value in the new way of life. The envisioned changes must come from those who live and work in the eldercare home. But a committed, dedicated group of leaders must be there to lead the charge in the beginning. The relationships built among members of the veteran leadership team create the foundation for all future transformation.

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