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Intensive Sessions

…Experience an actual Dismantling Ageism Workshop. Identify additional resources to be used with the Workshop or as stand-alone items to help combat Ageism. Bios: Mel Coppola Mel Coppola is a…

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Wednesday, September 2

…clearinghouse of anti-ageism resources, as well as the OldSchool@WorkAlliance, a coalition designed to eradicate ageism in the workplace. They (Ryan) are based in Montreal, Quebec, and contribute to the daily…

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Intensive Sessions 2018

…to advocacy, true pioneers, to end society’s last acceptable prejudice. Objectives: Identify at least three examples of a new awareness of one’s own internal ageism and of external ageism that…

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A Cruel Irony: Ageism and Ableism in Senior Living Environments

Society is full of ageist and ableist messaging. Jill Vitale Aussem explores some of the most common examples of ageism and ableism in community living settings and provides tools to begin to build a culture of inclusivity.

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Commitment to Challenge Ageism

A pledge to learn about and change beliefs, language and practice related to ageism and ageist attitudes.

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Ten Myths about Ageing and Health

…public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) is in the public health business, and no organization has done more to raise awareness of ageism-the biggest obstacle to meeting the challenges…

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