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Request for Proposals

Pioneer Network's 2012 National Conference

Thank you for your interest in being a guide and/or presenter at Pioneer Network's 2012 National Conference. The deadline for submissions has passed. Thank you!

Before You Begin
Here are a few tips collected from past reviewers and planning committee members ~
 1. You may start a proposal and then come back to it within 30 days to complete. Suggestion – download and print the .pdf of the form HERE so you know what you will need to complete it.

2. Ask yourself – is your session for specifically for a conference on culture change – or something that could be at any health-related conference? Does your session relate well to our 2012 Areas of Focus?

3. Think about your audience as you write the proposal -- Describe how your session will be interactive and inspiring and use multiple teaching methods.

4. Quantify -- Do you have evidence that your approach works - i.e. satisfaction surveys, changes in quality measures, etc. Write your session description succinctly and precisely; and please be sure that your objectives have outcomes.

5. Challenge yourself -- Are you sharing "how" to change the culture more than "why" you should change the culture?

6. Be Clear -- Explain how your session specifically supports person-directed care (this could be through policy, process or new information) Don't try to share too much information in too short a time.

7. Be Authentic – For example, if your session is about universal workers; we'd like to see a universal worker in that session.

8. Make a lasting impression -- Is your session going to provide tools people can take home with them?

9. Honesty is the best policy -- Will your session describe both the successes and stumbles of the process of change?

10. Details Count! Reread your proposal information before sending it. Reviewers do not like not poor grammar or misspelled words.
Please do not use these words in your objectives.

Your objectives will get refused by CEU/CE accredition.

Behavior Words that Are Not Measurable










become aware of



grasp the significance of

LEARN MORE Areas of Focus

DOWNLOAD Request for Proposal PDF (for review)

DOWNLOAD Signature Forms that will need to be faxed when sending in a proposal. Please fax signature forms to 304-724-3007.

SUBMIT Request for Proposal.
**We will not accept any proposal by mail or fax.

If you would like to submit an full-day intensive (6.5 hours) or a half-day intensive (3.75 hours) please email: for instructions. Those submitting a full-day or half-day intensive must have prior experience presenting at a previous Pioneer Network conference.