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Resource URLs

Resident-Directed Life
Being Well Known
Home Environment and Accommodation of Needs and Preferences
Family and Community
Leadership and Team Member Engagement
Organization Websites

Resident-Directed Life

The First 24 Hours Tip Sheet

The First 24 Hours Case Study for Person-Directed Care

A Good Welcome Tip Sheet

A Good Welcome Starter Exercise

Pioneer Network Resource Library – Dining (multiple resources)

Planetree: Open Dining Implementation Guide

House/Neighborhood Council Meetings

Animal Welfare Guidelines

Pet Policy: The Value of Pets in Your Home

Virtual Real Animal Visits

PEAK 2.0 Resident Choice Resources

Being Well Known

A Free Starter Toolkit for Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care

Pioneer Network Resource Library – Culture Change Fundamentals (multiple resources)

Pioneer Network Resource Library – Care Planning (multiple resources)

The Eden Domains of Well-being…/the-eden-alternative-domains-of-well-being

The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-being

Green House Project Resources related to Artifacts (multiple resources)

Music and Memory

Home Environment and Accommodation of Needs and Preferences

Planetree: Leadership Briefing: Managing Your Team’s Responses to Change

Pioneer Network Resource Library – Physical Environment

PEAK 2.0 Home Environment Resources

Household Model

Green House Model
Dare to be Different, Dare to be Better – Green House Project 2.0

Family and Community

Learning Circle Resources

Pioneer Network:  Resource Library – Engagement (multiple resources)

Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care Communication Map

Elder, Family and Employee Warmth Surveys

Leadership and Team Member Engagement

Resource Library – Workforce (multiple resources)

Person-centered Language Resources

The Power of Language to Create Change

Creating a New Language, Words make Worlds

Let’s Talk About Language

Words Matter

Language has Power

Empowerment Exercise

Planetree: 20 Phrases to Retire from Healthcare…and Reasonable Alternatives to Adopt In Their Place

More Culture Change Fundamentals Resources (multiple resources)

Learning Circle Resources (multiple resources)

For more free resources and those available for a fee for your culture change journey, visit the following websites of these organizations:


Pioneer Network


The Eden Alternative


The Green House Project


Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL)


Person-Centered Care in Assisted Living: An Informational Guide