Pioneer Networking and the Culture Change Movement

We are glad you are interested in staying up to date with the latest news and events in the culture change movement.  Check back here regularly to read blog posts from both Pioneer Network staff and other culture change and person-directed care experts.

The Buzz from the Pioneer Network Conference

“There was an Elder who shared how best we should be communicating with our residents. ‘When we’re first getting there, give us space.  Don’t push us, but don’t give us too long’.”  Dayne DuVall, attendee at the session, Leveraging the Wisdom of our Elders. “I… Read more

If aging is so awful, how come no one wants to be younger?

Ashton Applewhite Activist Reprinted with permission from Sunday June 25, 2017 You hear people say, “I wish I were young again,” all the time. Yet I’ve never met anyone who would actually choose to move their game piece back on the… Read more

Transformation Through Relationship Based Care

Angie McAllister Director of Cultural Transformation, Signature HealthCare Over the past ten years the term “culture change” has become increasingly popular. In fact, I would count it as one of the top ten buzz words being carelessly thrown around the… Read more

Why Did the Staff Cross the Road?

Sarah Brown, RN, LNHA, BS Executive Director of Empira We have all heard the classic joke about why the chicken crossed the road. But why did the chicken really cross the road? Perhaps the most classic answer of all is… Read more

PELI: A Tool to Help You Honor Preferences

Dr. Katherine Abbott, PhD and Kendall Leser, PhD Stop for a moment and think about what it would be like to be told when and what to eat… and when and how to bathe. We all make decisions based on our preferences in our… Read more

Doing Better Together: Lessons for Oakland

David Farrell  Vice President of Subacute Services for Telecare Corporation, Alameda, CA The following is an excerpt from David’s journal, the first chapter in Doing Better Together: Long-term Care Leaders’ Guide to High Performance, by Cathie Brady, David Farrell, and… Read more

WHO is Pioneer Network?

Joan Devine Director of Education, Pioneer Network When someone asks me what Pioneer Network is, I typically lead with something from the Mission and Vision statements. I tell them we are an organization that has been in existence for 20… Read more