Pioneer Networking and the Culture Change Movement

We are glad you are interested in staying up to date with the latest news and events in the culture change movement.  Check back here regularly to read blog posts from both Pioneer Network staff and other culture change and person-directed care experts.

Stories From the Heart of the Home

Collected by Linda Bump, Registered Dietician, Consultant Action Pact and LaVrene Norton, Founder, Action Pact Life Happens in the Kitchen.  Residents, staff and family come together through working and dining in the household kitchen.  As a result, household kitchens are… Read more

Resident Advisory Committee: Fishing Academy

A Story from Milaca Elim Care and Rehab Center Contributed by Cindy Hemmerich, Recreation Director Performance improvement happening closest to the residents. That is a mantra we hear often when sharing ideas on effective approaches to Quality Assurance / Performance… Read more

Current Controversies in Dementia Care

Juliet Holt Klinger Senior Director of Dementia Care Brookdale Senior Living If you are trying to keep up with what’s new in dementia care these days you’re probably as busy as I am. There is a lot going on. It… Read more

Growing Person-Centeredness by Growing Your Network

Reflections from Joan Devine, Director of Education, Pioneer Network Absolutes…we know that in this world, there are none! Certainly, for those of us who have been working to change the culture of aging, we quickly came to that conclusion —… Read more

The Leadership-Complexity Challenge

Matthew Younger, LNHA, MHA, Co-Lead, Enhanced Leadership Development Academy Shirley J. Farrah, PhD, RN-BC, Project Director, Enhanced Leadership Development Academy Alexis Roam, MSN, RN-BC, QCP, Lead Faculty, Enhanced Leadership Development Academy The world of long-term care is constantly evolving. Yet,… Read more

A Manifesto For Radical Inclusion

Dr. Al Power, Geriatrician, author, educator and ChangingAging Contributor My manifesto will not be as world changing as Karl Marx’s, it will hopefully do more good than Ted Kaczynski’s I have decided to coin a new philosophy around the support of… Read more