The Buzz from the Pioneer Network Conference

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“There was an Elder who shared how best we should be communicating with our residents. ‘When we’re first getting there, give us space.  Don’t push us, but don’t give us too long’.”  Dayne DuVall, attendee at the session, Leveraging the Wisdom of our Elders.

“I felt like participants really shared their experiences and expertise with each other. And they vowed they would make person centered care happen in short term rehab.” Jeanne Heid-Grubman, Guide for the session, Person Centered Care and Short Stay:  Making the Connection.

“Almost brought me to tears how far off we are.  We need the CEOs on board!”  Sylvia Nissenboim, attendee at the session,  Pioneering Solutions to the Workforce Crisis

And the buzz heard in the  halls…

“Have never in my life been to a conference like this one — it’s fantastic.”

“This is the one conference out of the whole year I would never miss.”

“I’ve already got attendance at next year’s PN conference in my budget.”