Communication Map – Mary’s Story

Mary’s Story

Mary is an 85 year-old woman who has progressed far into her experience of dementia. How did a communication infrastructure help Mary?

Mary’s story shows how the communication infrastructure affects staff’s ability to care for residents by applying the communication map to the story of a resident. Mary’s experiences and the problem-solving that staff use to support her are explored with and without consistent assignment, huddles, QI closest to the resident and CNAs in care planning.

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For implementation guidance and how-to’s, please visit Pioneer Network’s web-based Starter Toolkit and newly released Implementation Handbook for Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care.

Developed by Amy Elliot, PhD, Sonya Barsness, MSG and Barbara Frank. Based on B&F Consulting’s method for Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care, incubated in Pioneer Network’s National Learning Collaborative on Using the MDS as the Engine for High Quality Individualized Care. Funded by The Retirement Research Foundation.