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Know Each Person – You Bring the Passion, PELI Brings the Process!

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Pioneer Network is pleased to present “Listen, Learn, Explore.” This wonderful new educational innovation pairs a recorded audio podcast with a virtual-variation of a learning circle. Starting with a podcast, listeners will have an opportunity to hear unique insights on a variety of topics from thought leaders in the field of resident-directed care. Following the podcast, Pioneer Network invites listeners to register for an interactive program where they will have the opportunity to join others in a deeper, live conversation with the podcast guest speaker.


Episode 13: Know Each Person – You Bring the Passion, PELI Brings the Process!

As we work to provide quality of life for residents living in care communities, we can all agree on the value of knowing each person and understanding their preferences around daily routines; preferences that support meaning and purpose in their life.  We know we need to not only find a way to collect this information, but we also need to have a process to share it with all team members, incorporate those preferences into each resident’s plan of care, and identify if we are honoring those preferences.

Quite a challenge, but we believe that PELI (Preferences of Everyday Living Inventory) may be just what you are looking for to meet that challenge!

Join Katy as she introduces you to PELI and the PAL Cards and shares how your team can use these tool to support knowing the person –  and more!  And there’s more!  You will also learn about ComPASS-16, a tool that can help you evaluate how well you are meeting resident preferences, and the Individualized Positive Psychosocial Intervention (IPPI), an evidence-based intervention to help engage with residents living with dementia in day-to-day activities.  And everything Katy will be sharing is FREE!

After listening to the podcast, we hope you will join us for a virtual learning circle, where you will have the opportunity to meet Katy and learn more, ask questions, and even participate in short demonstration.

Tuesday, September 14
1:00PM – 2:00PM EDT
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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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