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A Person-Centered Approach to Infection Prevention (Focus on Urinary-Catheter-UTI and Urinary Incontinence CEP)

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Lynn Meyer, BSN, MPH, CIC (Certified Infection Preventionist)


Infection Prevention, antibiotic stewardship, Infection Preventionist…we see these words in the new CMS Conditions of Participation, but what exactly do they mean for the care partners and residents in our nursing homes?   How do I prevent the spread of infection among residents and staff – after all, this is the residents home, it’s not a hospital!  And besides … where can I find the time?!

Together with Lynn Meyer, you will explore best practices in infection prevention and see how they are supported by person-centered principles.   Lynn will share tools and tips to help you keep it simple AND attain regulatory compliance.


  1. The participant will understand the basic components of an Infection Control plan that supports person-centered practices while meeting the CMS Conditions of Participation.
  2. The participant will look at practices that help prevent infection while supporting choice, and dignity for residents in skilled nursing and assisted living settings.
  3. The participant will understand how the practices shared support compliance as evidenced by a review of the CMS Critical Element Pathways.
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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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