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This Holiday Season, Give the Gift that Keeps Giving: A Conversation with Brian LeBlanc

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Guide: Brian LeBlanc

Join us for a conversation about how to make the holidays the best they can be not only for persons living with dementia, but for their Care Partners and for each of us.

Brian will share his thoughts on things like: what are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give; how can holiday traditions have a positive effect on individuals; and what are well-intentioned things that people do during the holidays that add to the stigmatization created around elders and those living with dementia.



This Holiday Season, Give the Gift that Keeps Giving:
A Conversation with Brian LeBlanc

45 minutes / FREE
Thursday, December 19, 2:00 – 2:45 am EST

Registration closes 1 hour prior to the event


Brian LeBlanc

Brian LeBlanc grew up in New Orleans, LA and has lived in the Gulf Coast area since then. He found his niche in the professional world as a Marketing and Public Relations Executive.

Diagnosed in October of 2014 with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease and no longer able to work, Brian made a career change by using his voice to spread awareness and education about living with Alzheimer’s disease. He now spends his time as a keynote speaker and session presenter at international, national and local conferences, seminars and workshops. He also teaches Crisis Intervention Team Training to law enforcement as to how to recognize individuals living with a dementia-related illness.

Brian serves on the advisory board of Dementia Action Alliance, the early stage advisory group of the National Alzheimer’s Association, is an Alzheimer’s advocate for both the Alzheimer’s Pensacola Bay Area and Dementia Alliance International, keynote speaker for Elite Cruises and Vacations for Dementia-Friendly Cruises, and is the author of a blog:

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
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