Pioneer Network and Morrison Living Unite to Provide Person-Centered Hospitality Solutions to Senior Living

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2020 has forced us to pivot, to adapt, to try new things, and has vastly accelerated our appetite for change as we have all struggled to cope in an ever-changing environment. As communities continue to dig out from a horrific year, returning to a pre-pandemic playbook sounds like a sinking strategy. The innovations we have adopted and even our approach to innovation has staying power.

Pioneer Network is proud to announce our partnership with Morrison Living, one of the leading hospitality providers in senior living, to drive associate and resident experiences, building an outcome-oriented culture, and intentionally innovating to solve real problems. Morrison Living provides inspired dining, wellness, and environmental offerings that serve the diverse needs of older adults residing in senior living and care communities. Each day brings the promise of new experiences with hospitality and other programs that are customized and personalized to fit the needs and preferences of residents.

One example of how Morrison Living is finding solutions to meet resident’s individualized needs is in their approach to textured modified foods, offering a puree diet that provides an equal emphasis in all levels of care through delivery of flavor and presentation. Through shaping and molding techniques, garnishes, and planning standards, to the use of great flavors with nutrient dense ingredients, residents have almost been afraid to dig in because the presentation looks similar to other meals being served in the dining room. When a local ad was placed regarding the puree solution with Morrison Living’s team at Saint Simeons, the team received a voicemail from someone who was so moved by seeing the comparison between the puree and solid meal. The voicemail stated that,

“Seeing the picture of the food you are serving makes the residents feel dignified and honored, and that makes a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Through our partnership, Morrison Living will provide our network with educational opportunities and programming that share how to reimagine the senior living experience and renew connections in a safe and welcoming environment. As we emerge from one of the greatest challenges senior living has ever faced, we need to build on our resiliency and take the best pieces of our response into the future with us.

Through Pioneer Network’s educational platforms like the Listen, Learn, Explore podcast and interactive webinars, Morrison Living will share insight on:

  • How to take a synergistic approach through data-driven decisions
  • How to maximize venue space and choice with adaptable design concepts
  • Understanding dining trends and customer preferences post-COVID
  • How to pilot and scale solutions to solve complex problems
  • Understanding the value of meaningful employee recognition
  • Applying innovative recruitment and engagement strategies to identify, onboard, and retain top talent
  • Capitalizing on technology and innovative solutions to better serve residents

By leveraging each other’s resources and connections, Pioneer Network and Morrison Living will be able to further advance each other’s mission, vision, and purpose to help others understand and experience life in a fulfilling way that creates a culture of care and support we all desire. It’s about living, and Morrison Living enhances the lives of older adults with lifestyle choices that are exciting, innovative, and fulfilling.

The Pioneer Network values of knowing each person, putting people before tasks, and recognizing that we all have potential to grow no matter our age or where we live, resonate with Morrison Living and together we will share best practices to ensure care, support and services are based on our shared principles.

Morrison Living takes care to ensure that every detail from the best trained professionals to the newest trends in food and design, flavor and consistent delivery on quality and artistic presentation make everyday living the best it can be. Their dedication to superior service goes beyond healthy meals and clean surroundings, and includes a commitment to internal culture and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, genuine care and, above all, the safety and health of residents, associates, and the community.

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