Listen, Learn, Explore

Pioneer Network is pleased to be launching an all-new educational program, “Listen, Learn, Explore.” This wonderful new educational innovation pairs a recorded audio podcast with a virtual-variation of a learning circle. Starting with a podcast, listeners will have an opportunity to hear unique insights on a variety of topics from thought leaders in the field of resident-directed care. Following the podcast, Pioneer Network invites listeners to register for an interactive program where they will have the opportunity to join others in a deeper, live conversation with the podcast guest speaker.


Episode 6:

Specialized Seating for Residents and Caregivers- Why Chairs Designed for use by Older Adults Need to Swivel, Turn and Roll!

CNAs and other caregivers shoulder a great burden every day. In particular, the task of moving elders up to or away from the dining table requires a great deal of push-pull-shove-twist. Chairs get damaged and lose their structural integrity. Floors get damaged from the dragging and the weight. Most importantly, the risk of personal injury to care staff from such exertion adds to an already burdensome workday.

ComforTek Seating seeks to provide care communities with caregiver-focused solutions that benefit the resident, the caregiver, and the administrator. With chairs that swivel, turn, roll, and lock for safety. ComforTek President, Randy Schellenberg, shares the mission of ComforTek and explains why it’s all about the caregiver.

After listening to the podcast, we hope you will join us for a virtual Learning Circle where you can chat with Randy and members of the team from Pioneer Network. Together, we will share thoughts about this and other caregiver-focused solutions that benefit all.  Come prepared with your questions.  

Virtual Learning Circle
Tuesday, May 18, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

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Episode 5: A Toolkit to Help State Policymakers Promote Person-Centered Care

In Episode 5 of Listen, Learn, Explore, you’ll learn about a new toolkit from the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston that outlines steps that policymakers at the state level can take to implement a pay-for-performance (P4P) program that uses Medicaid funds to promote person-centered care in nursing homes. The toolkit focuses on lessons learned from implementation of the Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas Nursing Homes (PEAK 2.0), a program that helps Kansas nursing homes implement person-centered care.

You will hear from Laci Cornelison, Program Director of PEAK 2.0 at Kansas State University and Natasha Bryant, Managing Director and Research Associate of the LeadingAge LTSS Center at UMass Boston as they talk about how the toolkit can help you advocate with your state to integrate person-centered care expectations and incentives into state policy.

LLE Episode 5 – Chat

Episode 4: Spring Is Here-Time to Reconnect with Mother Nature

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and except for those quick April snowstorms, we’re in the throes of spring and itching to be outside. After the year long-term care residents have had, we know that they are as well. Are the outdoor spaces in senior living and care communities ready for spring? Are they accessible to everyone so that no matter where people live or whatever their abilities or disabilities are, they can go outside too? Join Maggie Calkins from IDEAS Institute and Matt Richardson from WhisperGLIDE Swing Company as we discuss Designing Gardens to Attract Activity.


Episode 3: Urinary Incontinence: No, We’re Not Kidding, Let’s Talk about It!

In this Listen, Learn Explore episode sponsored by Seni, we talk with Dr. Rosemary Laird about the importance of person-centered incontinence care; that incontinence is not inevitable as we age; the ways to maintain continence; and the importance of knowing a person well, both for the type of care and the products you provide.

Aging Impacts:  Urinary Incontinence White Paper


Episode 2: Do you know … your residents?

In this Listen, Learn, Explore podcast, Dr. Lynn McNicholl offers insights into an array of COVID related issues such as brain fog, delirium and sepsis showing how a person centered lens can make a world of difference in supporting the care of elders. As you listen and learn, Dr. McNicholl will share examples from high performing organizations, opening up a world of ideas that will illuminate and guide.


Episode I: Did You Know…?

This Listen, Learn, Explore episode is titled “Did You Know?” In the podcast, Dr. Stefan Gravenstein will share his considerable knowledge and deep insights into the COVID-19 pandemic. Did you know about band wagoning, information about the new strains, and using video to improve quality?