Communicating Empathy: The Heart-Head-Heart Method


Long-term Care Leaders: Inspire and achieve truly person-centered care and a caring community — where staff love to work and residents and their families rave about the people and their care.


Product Description

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Communicating Empathy: The Heart-Head-Heart Method is a Do-it-Yourself training kit that mobilizes the caring people in health care to express their empathy and caring effectively and consistently in everyday interactions. Grounded in best practices, this program enables leaders at every level to engage providers and staff in using the proven communication model: Heart-Head-Heart.


If you want to
have a demo of the program, etc.
please contact Jill Golde,,

Included in the program kit:

  • Do-It-Yourself How-to Videos
  • Program Guides
    • Program Planning Guide
    • Team Leader’s Action Plan
    • Toolbox for Leaders
    • Habit Builders
    • Workshop Facilitators Guide
  • 1-Hour Workshop Presentation for all Staff and Leaders with two videos
  • 25 Participant Handbook E-licenses
  • Optional: Implementation Services Package
Unique Features:

  • High-impact, powerful skill training with minimal investment
  • Quick results and fast visible improvement
  • Scalable for use with entire workforce or specific teams
Price:  $5000
Special Pioneer Network Price: $3500
which includes:

  • Perpetual license to the training, including one-hour session and reinforcement and sustainability tools
  • 25 Handbook E-licenses for Participants handbook (we hope you will include everyone from your organization in the training and can purchase additional E-licenses at for $3.50/person*)
You’ll receive a downloadable welcome pdf at the time of purchase that will give instructions on access to the training.

If you would like to provide payment using a check, please contact Penny Cook at

*Reach out to Jill Golde from Language of Caring at 314.571.9607 or to let us know how many more participant handbook E-licenses you’d like to purchase.