Creating Unlimited Options for Aging: The Path Forward


Joe Carella

After a harrowing experience as a teenager when he was mistakenly placed in a geriatric hospital ward author Joe Carella began his passionate search for a better way to care for all of us as we age.

He traveled to Scandinavia looking for alternatives for caring for our aging population, and discovered commonsense principles that he shares in the first edition of Unlimited Options of Aging. Now, twenty years later—after successful implementation of his research—he revisits the principles in this new book, “Creating Unlimited Option for Aging: The Path Forward,” and shares the discovery of what is the most important ingredient: community-centered living.

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With eye-opening stories and heartfelt examples, Joe once again proves why unlimited options for aging must be embraced by all of us. This is a must-read for everyone concerned about limitations facing all of us as we age.

Joe not only supports the principles and the research behind his commonsense approach, he actualized them in the design and development of the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton, Massachusetts, a small traditional assisted-living community that welcomes over 2,000 visitors a month through natural and dignified connecting opportunities.