Family Matters: Creating Person-Centered Care Partners

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Stephanie Gfeller, Long-Term Care Program Coordinator, Kansas State University Center on Aging

Judy Miller, Project Consultant, PEAK 2.0, Kansas State University.


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Family Matters: Creating Person-Centered Care Partners

Many discussions about person-centered care that include the family of residents are focused on the challenges of working with family members or how they stand in the way of person-centered care. Not this one! This webinar will explore the importance of creating person-centered care partners out of the residents’ family members. The barriers that make this relationship difficult and solutions for overcoming those will be discussed. Individualized care plans and acceptance of risk are critical pieces of person-centered care and you will learn how family partners can be an integral part of these processes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify strategies for building relationships and trust with residents’ family members.
  2. Describe how to increase family involvement in the care planning process.
  3. Discuss the role of the relationship with family members in risk and clinical care discussions.


Stephanie Gfeller serves as the Long-term Care Program Coordinator for the Kansas State University Center on Aging. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in Gerontology, both from Kansas State University, and is a licensed adult care home administrator. Stephanie helps with education development, provider trainings and evaluations for the PEAK 2.0 culture change financial incentive program in Kansas. She is particularly interested in the meaningful life component of person-centered care and sees family as a central piece to meaningful living. Stephanie has served on the board of the Kansas Culture Change Coalition and the Aging Services Transformation Alliance (ASTRA) board. She authored several of the PEAK culture change education modules and Uniting Wonder with Wisdom, a guidebook for developing intergenerational classrooms in nursing homes.

Judy Miller serves as a Project Consultant of PEAK 2.0 for Kansas State University Center on Aging. She is a registered nurse and has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with focus on management from Excelsior College in New York. Judy assists with the development, education and evaluations for the PEAK 2.0 culture change incentive program in Kansas. She has served in long term care in different roles including 17 years as a Director of Nursing.


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