Light Em Up or Let ‘Em Go!

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Christopher Ridenhour 


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Light Em Up or Let ‘Em Go!

Transforming our organizational cultures requires each of us to become role models for the behaviors and attitudes we expect from others. As leaders, only after we take responsibility for our impact, can we expect greater staff engagement, accountability, and true CHANGE. This fun and informative hour-long session will be supremely useful for anyone who: 1) Recognizes they haven’t fully reached their full potential as a role model and champion for change, 2) Needs research-based tools for inspiring and motivating colleagues to higher levels of performance and cooperation, and 3) Seeks a clear road to establishing a positive and lasting leadership legacy.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Leaders will identify the key conditions that prevent colleagues from full engagement and the ability to self-motivate.
  2. Leave the session with a refreshed perspective on their roles and impact as workplace champions of the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  3. Leaders will build their skills as workplace coaches, mentors, and supporters of their peers, supervisors, and direct reports.
  4. Examine and practice methodologies designed to inspire “World Class” attitudes and behaviors from the numerous and sometimes, conflicting, personality types found among our staffs


As the Director of Employee Engagement and Hospitality Training for a Philadelphia-based CCRC Management Company, Christopher Ridenhour develops and delivers high impact staff education focused on Heroic Communication and Listening, Powerful Caring and Compassion, Aspects of Inspired Leadership, Total Team Commitment, World Class Supervision, among other critical employee competencies.

For the last eight years, Christopher has traveled across North America and Canada keynoting and training for Aging Association conferences. He has been featured annually at national conferences including: Pioneer Network, LeadingAge, American College of Healthcare Administrators, American Health Care Association and The National Center for Assisted Living, and The Ontario Association for Nonprofit Homes and Services for Seniors. In June 2015, Christopher was awarded “Facilitator of the Year” by LeadingAge and will be the Master of Ceremonies for the People’s Plenary sessions at the 2015 Pioneer Network Conference.


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