Moving Past the 3 Bs of a Traditional Activities Calendar

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Kate Waldo, CTRS, Genesis Health Care


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Moving Past the 3 BsĀ of a Traditional Activities Calendar

Bible, Birthday and Bingo are the staples of activities in many long-term care settings along with the daily group activities at 10 and 2. Times are changing and so is our understanding of what people accessing our services need and want from us. Recreation is no longer about just keeping people busy. It is about having a deep understanding of who each person is and attending to their well-being. In this webinar, participants will learn how to transition from a traditional activities’ calendar to one of meaningful engagement by:

  • Exploring the Domains of Well-being and how they relate to meaningful engagement
  • Explaining how using the principles of Montessori based programming can create an on-going recreation program that appeals to people’s interests and facilitates the attainment of their highest practical level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.
  • Identifying ways that all disciplines can assist in growing a purposeful, person directed environment.


Kate Waldo is Genesis Health Care’s Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for the Northeast Division where she partners with over a hundred centers to create environments that support well-being and meaningful engagement. Before joining Genesis, Kate was Executive Director at Hearthstone Alzheimer Care in Boston where she created an environment of meaningful engagement that elevated family satisfaction and invigorated resident self-esteem. She also worked as an Organizational Change Specialist at PHI developing educational tools, guiding projects and leading Coaching and Core Team education with The Green House Project and provided consultation to nursing homes, home health and other long-term care providers who were seeking to grow a culture that ensured quality of life, quality of care, and quality of jobs for all who live and work there. Kate has developed and delivered national, state and local educational programs focused on implementing person-directed care, respectful work environments, self-managed work teams, coaching supervision, peer mentoring and inclusion for LGBT Elders.



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