Access to Nature for Older Adults


3 DVD Set

Research shows that spending even brief periods of time outside can improve health and well-being. Why is it, then, that so many outdoor areas are seldom used by older residents?  Poor design may play a large part in this problem.  The “Access to Nature for Older Adults” DVDs show that it is possible, with little increase in cost, to develop outdoor space that is inviting and usable, leading to benefits such as higher levels of physical activity, improved mood, better hormone balance, and better sleeping patterns. The Access to Nature DVD set includes free access to online interactive exercises, special readings on using outdoor space for people living with dementia, and a research-based toolkit you can use to evaluate outdoor areas at any type of setting for older people.

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3 DVD Set

The Value of Nature for Older Adults

Access to nature and the outdoors affects quality of life for older adults, with information on research, health benefits, and interviews with leading experts.
28 minutes

Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults

Photos, sketches, and 3D models to show how building layout can impact outdoor use and provides cost- effective solutions for improving outdoor access.
31 minutes

Safe & Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults

The improvement of outdoor features, such as seating, shade, and walkways, are reported by residents to impact their outdoor usage
34 minutes