Hope Rising: More Musings + Art From Elderhood


Jeff Jerebker

Hope Rising: More Musings + Art from Elderhood is a continued collaboration between Sandy Ransom and Jeff Jerebker, with new writings and color illustrations. Jeff – blogger, author and elder sage was previously a pivotal leader in nursing home reform and management. Sandy is an artist, elder sage and RN with a researcher background. Together they seek to explore their perspective and sagacity of older life in different categories: Spiritual, Fiction, Politics, Music, Servant Leadership, Age-ing, and Requiem. It is through their words and drawings that one may glimpse a unique expression of elder sage-ing.

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Jeff Jerebker is a blogger, author and elder care influencer. For 32 years he was a nationally recognized leader in long term care as the president of Piñon Management, a nursing home management company. Piñon introduced the first psycho/social model of care in Colorado in 1984, twelve years before a national person-centered care movement had its birth. From there, Piñon took over many troubled nursing homes and, through its dedication and philosophical approach, transformed them into flourishing communities of excellence.

During his decades of leading Pinon Management Jeff spoke extensively nationally and locally on the need for person centered care and especially on the business case for culture change. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Pioneer Network, the Eden Alternative, the Colorado Health Care Association, and the Colorado Culture Change Coalition.

Now semi-retired, Jeff continues to contribute to the dialogue of long term care and life in general through his wizened perspective utilizing several modalities. He has written a memoir, Oh Mercy!, has an active blog (www.musingsfromjeff.com), and along with others is working on creating a masters program for long term care leadership with the purpose of developing critical thinkers and future leaders in the profession of elder care.