Lessons in Leadership for Person-Centered Elder Care


Nancy Fox
Forward by William H. Thomas

Lessons in Leadership at a glance:

  • Key leadership principles illustrated with compelling stories
  • Lessons grounded in the modern sciences of human behavior
  • Advice and input synthesized from major culture change leaders and thinkers
  • Person-Centered Leader Quick-Reference Matrix: A practical tool for identifying critical thinking and behavioral shifts needed for roughly 40 areas of responsibility
  • Hopeful, encouraging, and inspirational message

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6 x 9 paper
280 pages
© 2017


Lead your organization to success in person-centered care, using these expert leadership and management lessons!

In this book, transformational leader Nancy Fox guides you along a management path leading to more person-centered services, helping you to meet today’s imperative to improve the efficacy and quality of service delivery. Seamlessly interweaving the latest insights about human, social, and organizational behavior with her own decades of experience in elder care services, Fox provides a powerful collection of succinct leadership lessons for all nursing home and assisted living administrators, directors of nursing, and hospital and home health managers.

Fox’s encouraging and inspirational style taps into the power of story and the wisdom of experts from diverse fields—from business, science, philosophy, art, and history—to teach the leadership skills that will produce and maintain high-performing, caring communities with engaged and committed staff.

This practical resource provides assessment and change-guiding tools plus a Quick-Reference Matrix to guide the person-centered leader across domains of responsibility.

Learn resonant lessons in both the art and science of effective leadership to improve your care delivery services, starting today!


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