The Pivotal Role of Nurses in Assuring Quality and Person-Directed Care (Session 4 of 4)

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Mary Ellen Dellefield, Ph.D. R.N., Research Nurse Scientist, VA San Diego Healthcare System


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The Pivotal Role of Nurses in Assuring Quality and Person-Directed Care

All nursing homes have licensed nurses, but what makes their role unique and important? Are their roles to do tasks that nursing assistants usually cannot do such as administer medications and treatments? Have you ever considered the residents’ professional nursing care needs and if they were being met? This webinar series introduces you to an evidence-based framework — a nursing practice model which includes person directed care principles — that can be used to guide the organization and delivery of nursing care in long-term care settings. Using the nursing practice model as a framework, the webinar sessions will target current issues such as reduction of hospitalization and antipsychotic medications for residents living with dementia. The webinar series will conclude with how nurses and nursing assistants can best work together to provide person-centered care.

Pioneer Network partnered with the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing on this webinar series. 

Session 4:
Teamwork: Nurses and Nursing Assistants Working Together to Provide Person-Centered Care

During this webinar, participants will learn about the characteristics of teamwork between nurses and nursing assistants that are essential to providing person-centered care and how attitudes, beliefs, values, knowledge, and behaviors promote or inhibit teamwork. Participants will also learn about realistic and practical ways in which concepts and behaviors associated with effective teamwork may be routinely performed at work as well as ways in which teamwork between nurses and nursing assistants is associated with quality assurance performance improvement, reduced turnover, increased job satisfaction, evidence based practice, reduced hospital re-admissions, nursing home safety culture, and pressure ulcer prevention.


Dr. Mary Ellen Dellefield is a Research Nurse Scientist at VA San Diego Healthcare System received her nursing degrees at UCLA and Rush University, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at UCSF. She has worked as a director of nursing, director of staff development, Minimum Data Set Nurse Coordinator, staff nurse, and infection control nurse in San Diego county nursing homes over the past 30 years. Dr. Dellefield’s research interests focus on nursing practice in nursing homes, including staffing, quality improvement, care plans, implementation of clinical guidelines, and pressure ulcer prevention.


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