Return of Compassion to Healthcare


In Return of Compassion to Healthcare the Tellis-Nayaks offer blueprints for person-centered care that can guide leaders of healthcare, aging services, government and business in building enlightened clinical programs and assisted-living communities for medically ill and otherwise vulnerable people.

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Vivian Tellis-Nyak PhD and Mary Tellis-Nyak RN MSN
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc. (November 21, 2016)
6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

While advances in medical science and disease treatments are always welcome, real transformation of healthcare requires us to focus on whole persons, not just maladies.

Our responsibilities to ill people, and frail elders, including those with dementia, are not merely obligations, but also response-abilities. Beyond relieving suffering and meeting their basic biological needs, we can nurture each individual as a whole person and promote his or her wellbeing. The benefits are tangible and mutual. Helping professionals are rewarded through the deep and meaningful connections they form with the remarkable people they serve.

This book fills a crucial gap in the literature regarding the current state of our healthcare system and what needs to be done to remedy it. It aims to answer three basic questions in a human-needs based conceptual framework of person-centered care: “Who is a human person?  What are the primal needs of a human person?  What are healthcare’s obligations to serve these primal, universal needs?” The book chronicles the history of medicine and looks at the root-causes of how we got here today: a system in which doctors and nurses are caught in a class-like hierarchy resulting in the inability of caregivers to freely speak their minds and to work as a highly functioning team. It also results in the inability of caregivers to be fully satisfied with their work, forcing them to focus on the individual tasks at hand and not the larger aspects necessary to be a compassionate healer, which remains the original motivation and inspiration for those who have chosen to become givers of care.