At the Table: Before and After the Care Plan Meeting

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Denise Hyde, Community Builder, The Eden Alternative
Vickie Burlew, RN, LNA. Health Care Consultant and Educator

The care plan meeting is just the beginning of the process. The goal is to create a care plan, and a process for updates, that is owned by the whole care partner team (including the Elder and their family members or advocates) and evolves based on the Elder’s daily life. Care planning happens every day and every member of the care partner team has a role to play in that process. Join guides Vickie Burlew, Health Care Consultant and Educator with Linchpin Quality Solutions, LLC and Denise Hyde, Community Builder with the Eden Alternative, as they explore how you can bring care planning to life in your community.


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Denise Hyde, Pharm.D., discovered culture change in 1997 at the Thomas Fitzgerald Veterans Home in Omaha, NE. Denise left the Veterans Home in 2001 and became a Regional Coordinator for The Eden Alternative supporting six states. In 2005, Denise was hired by the Quality Improvement Organization in Nebraska to do culture change work and Medicare Part D projects. Denise is one of the founding members of the culture change coalition in Nebraska and has spoken frequently on culture change locally and nationally. Denise is the Community Builder for The Eden Alternative supporting Eden Registry Members. She provides consultation, guidance, training and support to organizations implementing person-directed care using the Eden Alternative Philosophy. She is also assist in project work and curriculum development.

Vickie Burlew, a RN and licensed nursing home administrator, teaches the subjects of leadership and regulation in an MSU Nursing Home Administration Course. She is also an Eden Mentor, Educator and Guide. In this capacity, she helps organizations facilitate culture change, while maintaining regulatory compliance and professional standards of practice. She has been a speaker for various LTC organizations for the past 15 years. Vickie is also Certified Dementia Practitioner and Trainer.


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