Culture Change Fundamentals

Understanding the basic principles of person-directed care is the first step in making an informed decision, asking the right questions and moving forward with implementation.

Introducing the Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0

An overview of the ACC 2.0 for nursing homes and the new ACC-AL for assisted living

Long-Term Care Equality Index (LEI): Introducing Best Practices that Strengthen LGBTQ Inclusive Communities

Guides Sherrill Wayland and Dan Stewart from the LEI Leadership Team and Advisory Council describe the need for LGBTQ inclusivity, success stories for adopting LGBTQ inclusive policies and practices and the steps you can take today to join the LEI program.

Resources You Can Use to Educate, Advocate, Warm the Soil, Advance Person-Centered Care and Accelerate Culture Change

Free resources to help educate and inspire.

Using Language to Guide Your Culture Change Journey

Discover words and phrases that can make a difference as we work to change the culture of aging in our communities, and to change our own perceptions about aging and the work we do.