Engagement is essential to building relationships and knowing each person, and these are two of the keys to Quality of Life for the residents and staff. Understand how to better communicate with each other as well as ideas for how to engage in ways that promote meaning and purpose for all.

Can People with Dementia Read?

Shake up conventional notions about what it means to read and what adult text should look like.

Empowering Elders with Technology

A can’t-miss discussion on empowering elders with technology.

Innovative Intergenerational Arts Programming in Response to the Pandemic: Five Programs in Three Countries

Learn to maintain intergenerational connections around the arts when in-person visits are not possible.

Purposeful Engagement: The Challenge, the Opportunity, the Example

A discussion of the key components of purposeful engagement, ideas for integrating purpose into the resident experience, and how technology can amplify the engagement experience for elders, family, and staff.