Physical Environment

Changing the existing physical environment of a nursing home in ways that improve residents' quality of life and without major expenditures is possible with these tools.

Creating Daily Pleasures in Outdoor Spaces: Making It Happen in All Seasons

For you and me, spending time outdoors is a normal part of life, and something we miss when weather and circumstances keep us indoors for extended periods of time. But for residents living in nursing homes and assisted living communities, and even for elders living in their own homes, opportunities to enjoy outdoor living are often rare, even in ideal weather, but certainly when conditions are less than ideal due to cold, heat, snow or rain.

Recharge with a Nature Fix

Explore the power of nature in supporting health and well-being -- not only for the residents you support, but for you!

Three Person-Centered Care Strategies to Change the Trajectory for Residents in Senior Living

Reevaluate outdoor spaces; rethink indoor space; and revisit policies related to continence care.