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Food for the Soul

Messages to inspire and support caregivers.

Messages to inspire and support caregivers.

A Conversation With Friends on Collective Trauma and Coping Through the Holidays

As we make our way each day through the pandemic, we are aware that for the first time in many or our lives, we are experiencing what we have come to know as ‘collective trauma’. Add to this our desire to experience the holidays in a meaningful way even as we face lock-downs and distancing from friends and family.  It’s tough…and we just need to talk to a friend!

You are invited to listen to the conversation sponsored by Pioneer Network and let by our friends, Leigh-Anne Royster and Jennifer Craft-Morgan.  Hear the ideas shared and learn from others ideas for how we can all get through these times together.

Click here to access the recording

Click here for a handout, including some great resources

Reopening Your Dining Room

Contributed by:  Diane Hall, BSNSolutions

Are you ready to Reopen your dining room?  Dane hall and the team at BSNSolutions has put together some resources to help you.  Check out the Reopening Dining Room Checklist along with the 7 minute podcast.

Simple Activities for Stressful Times

Contributed by:  Java Group Programs, Inc

A 12-Minute webinar offering 5 practical activities for anyone to help reduce worry and create calm for themselves, and among those that they are supporting.

Click here

Covid-19 Support and Resources

Contributed by: Health Professions Press

Check out their support and complementary resources including

Take Charge of Your Well-Being and Wellness!

Contributed by:  AAPACN, American Association of Post Acute Care Nursing

AAPACN provide resources, tools, and community connections to help you take action to reverse burnout and promote wellness for LTPAC professionals.

Articles in Senior Dining News

Contributed by: Senior Dining Associates (SDA)

9 Ideas for Improving Mental Health Among Seniors During Covid-19

Communicating with Families and Friends
Contributed by: Garvey Manor & Our Lady of the Alleghenies Residence

Communicating with families, residents and staff has never been more important than it is right now as together we face the challenges of living through this COVID-19 crisis.  They are sending out weekly email blasts to families, to inform, to say hello and keep them calm.

Click here to see an example of their latest newsletter.

Tips for Caregivers of People Living with Dementia
Contributed by:  Validation Training Institute

In this 5-part series for Caregivers, you will find easy Validation tips to help you cope.

Blessings from the Heart of Berkley
Contributed by: Barry Barkan, Co-Founder, Pioneer Network

Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others:  Guidance for Worker
Contributed by: Anna Ortigara, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI

What to do in Stressful Times
Contributed by: Dr.Susan Wehry, MD

Remember the Often Forgotten Workers in LTC
Contributed by: Joanne Rader, Co-Founder Pioneer Network, Consultant

Ideas for Supporting Staff
Contributed by: Jenni Dill, Director of Life Enrichment at Chelsea Place Memory Care

Two minute video, sharing ideas for things being done to support staff

Re-Thinking Word Choice During This Pandemic
Contributed by:  Planetree International / Language of Caring

Suggestions for language to support healthcare teams in shifting from “war-speak” to language that reflects the realities of what we are living through while continuing to provide assurance, compassion, and comfort.

Bucket List

Contributed by: Becca Zemanovic, Doctor of Occupational Therapy student, St. Ambrose University

Becca has created a very simple daily bucket list that Elders can use to stay connected with their loved ones. Most require only a phone or television.