Tired to Inspired

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Denise Boudreau Scott

People are tired in senior living. One of the reasons turnover rates are so high in this field is because the work we do is so darn physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Senior living provides some of the most rewarding work that’s humanly possible, but it comes with a price. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

What I am telling you is that you can get unstuck. You can get unjaded. No matter how many years have passed since you lost your mojo, you can get it back! You can go from tired, all the way back to inspired in your career in senior living.

I have traveled to all 50 states through my work in senior living, and I have spoken to tens of thousands of people just like you. I have also been in your shoes. I started my 30-year career in senior living as a dietary aid, became a CNA, and was an administrator. I know the feelings of frustration and burnout, and the days of being too busy to use the restroom are allll too familiar to me. But I also know the beauty of the work we do, and I know how to reconnect you to your why.

Do you remember your why? Why you chose to work in senior living? It’s still in there, tucked away deep inside of you—busy you, caring you, hopeful you. Reconnecting to your why and getting re-inspired by your work is of the utmost importance. Why, you ask? Because you are needed. The fact of the matter is, this field and your organization, cannot afford to lose you. You are far too important.

That’s why I am coming to Pittsburgh to speak to you! I have delivered my Tired to Inspired keynote all over the country, and I am excited to bring this motivating presentation to the Pioneer Network. The work that I do in senior living now is all about helping organizations to improve their culture so staff and teams can love the work they do. I want to show you four simple ways to feel great about what you do, ditching the tired and getting inspired again in the process. And if no one has told you lately, you are amazing. Thank you for the invaluable service you provide to our seniors.

I really hope to see you in August!
Denise Boudreau-Scott