Live Oak Project

The catastrophe of COVID-19 deaths of long-term care residents has made clear what many of us have long known: The whole system is broken. Piecemeal fixes added on to a dysfunctional system have not worked in the past and they are less likely to solve the problems of a post COVID-19 future. The long-term care universe needs to be reimagined and rebuilt from top to bottom and from inside out.

Pioneer Network, our Council of Elders, and Live Oak Institute have organized the Live Oak Project as an unprecedented, multi-level initiative to transform the long-term care system–from what happens in the halls of Washington to what happens in each person’s room.

In a few years, the first of the post-World War 2 generation will turn 80.  It is our intent to build on the energy and clout generated by the demands of this booming population of elders to finally fuel the profound, multi-dimensional change for the entire long-term care delivery system.

Come join the Live Oak Project in the virtual Exhibit Hall to learn about our plan to accomplish our bold mission and the role YOU can play in making it happen.