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Pioneer Network is the national leader of the culture change movement, helping care providers to transition away from a medical, institutional model of elder care to one that is life affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful. Pioneer Network advocates for a culture of aging in which individual voices are heard and individual choices are respected. Our goal is transformational culture change in organizations to foster care that is directed by the person receiving it.

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A Thanksgiving Message From Pioneer Network’s President & CEO, Penny Cook

As we approach Thanksgiving, I reminisce about why it’s my favorite holiday. I love that in my family we gather without the exchange of gifts, without commercialism, and enjoy each other’s company while cooking, eating and then usually, eating again…. Read more

Empathy, Now More Than Ever!

Jill Golde, Senior Vice President, Language of Caring, A Branch of Planetree International It’s a new day. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, political turmoil and revelations about systemic racism have been heart wrenching for staff, residents and their families. In senior… Read more

Let’s Get Serious About the Pandemic’s LTC Mental Health Price Tag

Dan Cohen, MSW After six months of being restricted to her room in assisted living, my mom said this: “It’s a deadly life. Nothing to look forward to except the same. I don’t see anybody.” Her feelings are shared by… Read more

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We are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you are just getting started or you have been on the culture change journey for some time, here are valuable resources, developed by leading experts to help you implement organizational culture change and person-directed care.

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In our store you'll find the tools you need to be successful implementing culture change. We have starter kits and staff education programs, developed by experts and tested by care providers.

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We want you — to help make culture change the norm in this country!  Each person can, and does, make a difference — and we need your engagement to achieve the vision of a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful.

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