Artifacts of Culture Change (Overview)

Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0


Artifacts of Culture Change 2.0 (ACC) is an internal implementation, inspiration, and self-assessment tool. It is a tool that a nursing home or assisted living community on a culture change journey can use to become aware of concrete changes that leading homes have made to their policies, practices, and environment due to their commitment to the principles of culture change. The ACC can show a home a variety of beneficial changes they can make to increase resident autonomy, rights, and choices and eliminate institutional practices. A home can also use the ACC to note their progress toward changing institutional culture over time. ACC practices are grouped into five broad headings: 1) RESIDENT-DIRECTED LIFE, 2) BEING WELL KNOWN, 3) HOME ENVIRONMENT AND ACCOMMODATION OF NEEDS AND PREFERENCES, 4) FAMILY AND COMMUNITY, and 5) LEADERSHIP AND ENGAGEMENT. The groupings of practices are intended to help with team planning and implementation, since it would make sense for certain practices within groupings (e.g., individualized care plan items in the BEING WELL KNOWN grouping) to be discussed and coordinated with team members at the same time in a planning process.

Self-Assessment for Nursing Homes

Self-Assessment for Assisted Living Communities