Pioneer Partner Network

An Invitation to Partnership

Pioneer Network invites your organization to join a powerful partnership – one that offers unprecedented knowledge about, and insights into, opportunities for your company or organization to benefit from the culture change movement in elder care.

Our Partners rely on Pioneer Network’s expertise, communications channels, and constituency of stakeholders to achieve their business and organizational goals.

Pioneer Network provides Partners with insights and knowledge they need to plan more effective communications and marketing strategies; package products and services to appeal to the aging services market; better tap aging services providers, elders, and consumers; and highlight their commitment to creating a culture in which elder care is life affirming, satisfying, humane, and meaningful.

Pioneer Network enables Partners to gain visibility with a wide range of companies, organizations, and individuals involved in elder care and services in a cost-effective way. Pioneer Network’s Partners receive continuous, high visibility through a variety of communications channels.

Partnership with Pioneer Network is an investment that provides both short- and long-term results. Immediately upon partnering with Pioneer Network, companies receive increased visibility:

  • Via Pioneer Network’s communications channels, such as a press release, website announcement, notification to the Pioneer Network Board, etc.
  • Via the Partner’s communications channels, such as website announcement, e-newsletter to clients, notifications to staff and board, etc.

In addition, Partners immediately engage with Pioneer Network to access knowledge and launch initiatives to fulfill the Partner’s business goals.

Over the long term, visibility and Partner projects expand to achieve ROI goals for Partners. Pioneer Network’s Partners are seen as leaders in demonstrating a commitment to creating changes in elder care.

Pioneer Partner Network Advantages

Pioneer Partner Network Sponsor-Exhibitor Benefits