Introduction to Critical Element Pathways (CEP): Using the Physical Restraint CEP to Support Reduction of Alarms

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Kim Roche, Nurse Consultant with the Division of Nursing Homes in the Survey and Certification area of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality
Cheryl Kruschke, Associate Professor at Regis University
Joan Devine, Director of Education, Pioneer Network
Elaine Soong, Health Insurance Specialist, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Survey & Certification Group/Division of Nursing Homes

Product Description

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Join our guides as they share insights into the Critical Element Pathways (CEP), a tool used by CMS to guide observation and investigation during the survey process – a tool that you can use in your quality improvement program as you monitor and improve practices in your nursing home.

Using the Physical Restraint CEP, webinar guides will share examples of person-centered practices that support the quality of life that you seek for your residents and the outcomes that CMS is looking for when they survey your home.