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Find resources here for transforming the dining experience using leadership, assessments, and resident input.

Dining Practice Standards

Nationally agreed upon food and dining standards of practice support individualized care and self-directed living versus traditional diagnosis-focused treatment for people living in nursing homes

Enhancing the Dining Experience

Resources to support the dining experience during times of social distancing.

Flexible Dining Starter Exercise

This is part of Step Three of the Starter Toolkit for Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care

Flexible Dining Tipsheet

Part of Starter Toolkit for Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care

Just in Time Toolkit – Dining

These toolkits highlight helpful implementation resources, identify relevant regulations and point providers to results to help them find just the right path for their organization in each of three areas, environment change, dining transformations and staffing transformations

Pathway to Transforming Dining

Promising practices to de-institutionalize the dining experience

Promising Practices in Dining

Innovative examples of how providers are changing their dining practices so that it is a more dignified, pleasurable experience

The Deep Seated Issue of Choice

Addresses the issue of resident self-determination through a focus on the dining experience

The Food and Dining Side of the Culture Change Movement: Dining Symposium Background Paper

Provides the history of the culture change movement as it pertains to the physical environment, a summary of current research into building design issues and innovations, and a review of relevant federal long term care and Life Safety Code regulations for nursing homes

The Role of the Physician Order

The role of the physician in enabling nursing homes to liberalize diets which allows for resident choice