2019 Site Visits

Site Visits

Wednesday August 7, 2019: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (5-hour session)

SV 1
Businar Tour to The Homeplace at Midway, Kentucky
Limit 40 people

Mary Hopfner-Thomas, Project Manager, The Green House Project
Tonya Cox, Executive Director, Christian Care Community

Participants will engage in an interactive learning experience that begins with a trip to The Homeplace. Fun trivia about culture change and The Green House Project will leave attendees knowing more about the model than ever before. Upon arrival, hear the unique story of how a small community in Kentucky partnered with Christian Care Communities to establish the first Green House homes in Kentucky. Upon departure, attendees will engage in unpacking their learning by sharing insights and experiences with one another based on all that was seen and heard.


  1. Identify unique aspects of the Green House model in paired learning exercises in preparation of touring the Green House homes at The Homeplace.
  2. Learn about the history of The Homeplace and then tour Green House homes to review and evaluate how the Green House model is employed. Tours of the both assisted living and skilled nursing licensure will be available.
  3. Understand how the Green House model is lived out to fulfill the core values of Real Home, Meaningful Life and Empowered Staff. An exploration of the beliefs behaviors and systems that contribute to The Homeplace’s success, and ongoing challenges will be explored in paired learning exercises.

Mary Hopfner-Thomas

As Project Manager with the Green House Project for the last 8 years, Mary Hopfner-Thomas works closely with Green House homes to educate, mentor, and support Green House Educators on a variety of topics related to culture change, the Green House Project’s Core Values, and person-centered approaches to caring for elders and empowering team members, including Shahbazim, Educators, Guides, and Sages.

Tonya Cox

Tonya Cox is responsible for administration of the Homeplace at Midway campus, which includes Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Memory Care. She leads business development, physical plant operations, clinical care, activity programming, cleanliness and safety, and dining services and is responsible and accountable for functions and activities of the entire staff. Tonya plans and organizes systems of care, objectives, policies, procedures, staffing patterns and staff development based on the needs of the Homeplace within the framework of the established budget while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, regulatory and organizational standards.


SV 2
Nazareth Home
Limit 60 people

Mary Haynes, CEO and President, Nazareth Home, Inc.
Jack York, Founder, IN2L 

Your day promises to be one of discovery and engagement as the team at Nazareth Home in Louisville takes you on a tour of their community, sharing how their culture change journey has been guided by the Hatch Model, a model which supports changing culture through meaning, environment, clinical and workplace practices.  In addition to touring the campus, you will participate in 3 learning sessions.  You will see how they have brought individualization to the environment through their work with TrueDoors; how workforce innovation has been enhanced through technology and their partnership with IN2L; and how meaning and clinical practice have come together through their Connected Affirmation Palliation (CAP) program, which focuses on the integration of palliative care and engagement technology as central components to restorative, activity and therapy programs in senior living. The CAP program aims to increase the opportunity for person-centered care to grow beyond the traditional standard and daily life of persons living in nursing and assisted living communities while creating pathways that increase active daily living and provide a road map as to how to pivot into the palliative care phase.


  1. Experience how the team at Nazareth Home has used the Hatch Model to guide their culture change journey.
  2. Learn how senior living and engagement technology organizations can partner to develop and implement innovation and comprehensive palliative care programs, such as CAP and recognizing how technology can help deliver the information family, friends and staff need to prepare for the dying process.
  3. Ascertain the importance of providing person-centered experiences and affirming the life lived by each person using their story.

Mary Haynes

President and CEO of Nazareth Home in Louisville, Kentucky, since 2001, Mary Haynes is an active advocate for innovation in long term care and began Kentucky’s first dementia support homes.  Nazareth Home is a 5 Star nursing home ranked among the nation’s top 10% of communities.  Due to its leadership in person-centered and rehabilitation care, Nazareth Home has received the distinction of the state’s Facility of the Year and was designated one of Louisville’s Top Workplaces.  As the founder of the Kentucky Coalition for Person-Centered Care, Mary is engaged with CMS as the leader of the state’s stakeholder group for improvement initiatives.  She has been honored by her peers for leadership and community education.   A frequent thought leader presenter and a Louisville Business First ‘leader to watch,” Mary’s most recent frontier is the promotion of a better understanding of palliative care. This past year, she was recognized for her leadership in elder care in Kentucky with the Champion for Aging Award.

Jack York

Jack York is the founder of IN2L, a computer system that integrates the hardware, software, media and various components necessary to allow virtually any person with any interest in using a computer — regardless of background, physical or intellectual abilities — to do so pleasurably, engagingly, and without frustration.