Providing person-directed care and support to all is the goal, including those living with dementia. Check out these practical applications and tips.

Back to Basics: Sometimes the Answer is Not a New Shiny Penny!

Guide: Joanne Rader, RN, MN, Co-Founder of Pioneer Network, Consultant

Breaking through Dementia: Validation

Validation is a method of communication that helps improve the connection between caregivers and older adults experiencing dementia.

Can People with Dementia Read?

Shake up conventional notions about what it means to read and what adult text should look like.

Dementia Competencies and How to Choose Good Education

An overview of the Competency Guide for Dementia Care: Direct Care Worker Workforce Development

Eliminating Suffering for Residents with End Stage Dementia (Focus on Death and Hospice/End of Life CEP)

Guide: Maureen Nash, MD, MS

Give the Gift that Keeps Giving

A conversation with Brian LeBlanc about how to make the holidays the best they can be not only for persons living with dementia but for their Care Partners and for each of us.

Giving and Receiving: Creating a Culture of Relationship with Persons Living with Dementia

Speakers: Anna Ortigara, RN, MS Chris Mulrooney, MPS, PhD Direct care workers face many challenges every day. Leaders also face many challenges if we are to be in right relationship with direct care workers. Do we understand, and are we... Read more

Improve Your Dementia Support: You Can Start Tomorrow

Park Springs and Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury have come together to share top-drawer ideas and some things to consider that any community, regardless of resources, can do tomorrow to build their dementia support capacity. Their top ten list includes things you can implement quickly that will have a big impact on your residents, their families, and your employees.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Intimacy, Sexual Expression, and Living with Dementia

The Pioneer Network and Eden Alternative have joined together to bring you this 90-minute webinar. Timely topics presented by thought leaders in the field of aging. Faculty: Vicki L. Schmall, Ph.D., Executive Director and Gerontology Specialist with Aging Concerns in Oregon Evy Cugelman, RN, Gerontological Nurse/Educator/Consultant Elizabeth Edgerly, Ph.D. Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, Northern California, Clinical Psychologist

Person Centered Dementia Care: First Came the Recommendations, Now Let’s Explore the Outcomes!

The Dementia Care Practice Recommendations were released over a year ago. Join Sam Fazio and Doug Pace from the Alzheimer’s Association as they share data and stories of what has happened over the past year as these recommendations have been put into practice. You will learn how these standards can be the basis of a culture of quality improvement which can be achieved in any long-term care or community-based setting. And as sponsors of the Dementia Track at this year’s Pioneering a New Culture of Aging conference, Sam and Doug will share with you some of the highlights from of what’s happening in the world of Dementia Care that will be shared at this year’s conference

The New Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations: Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Individuals Living with Dementia

Danelle Hubbard, BSW, MA, Director of Family Services, Alzheimer's Association, Colorado Chapter