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Community, Connection and Creativity

Partners joining together, sharing their creativity.

Partners joining together, sharing their creativity.

Resources and Connections to Support our Community in Addressing COVID-19

Contributed by:  The Beryl Institute

Resources include links to past webinars and topic call recordings, podcasts, community briefings and conversations, blogs, more, including resources on Caring for You.

Click here for resources and connections to support our community in addressing COVID-19.

Pets Together:  an animal farm foundation program
Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) is continuing its Pets Together virtual program which allows those who are socially isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic to enjoy friendly interaction with pets (including dogs, cats, goats, horses, and other critters) and people. Using live video-conferencing platforms (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts), the AFF team will schedule real-time visits where people, including those residing in long term care facilities, can watch the animals and participate in friendly conversations with those who care for them. The video chats are also available free to doctors, nurses, and other health professionals on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. For more information about the Pets Together Program, or to learn how to participate, click here.

Tech Training During the Pandemic

Contributed by: Tech Pals

Tech Pals,  based in Boulder, Colorado, is a non-profit that provides free tech support to older people.  Their mission is to help isolated Elders use technology to get connected.

Information for Advocated:  COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities

Contributed by: The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

Among the many resources to support Long-Term Care communities during this pandemic, Consumer Voice shares some creative ways to stay in touch with loved ones.

Staying Connected with Family and Friends Living in Long-Term Care Facilities

    Virtual Roadshow

Contributed by: AGE-u-cate

AGE-u-cate and its Virtual Road Trip series provides a monthly introduction to some of the most creative voices in the aging and dementia field.

Fun, Playful and Up-Lifting Ways to Move Our Bodies, Exercise Our Brains and Release Some Stress.

Opening Minds Through Art

Contributed by: Scripps OMA

Free Lessons for Caregivers to Infuse the Arts at Home. Learn from internationally renowned master teaching- artists how to do art, music, dance, poetry, and drama activities with people who are living with dementia. Each lesson consists of short videos that you can adapt. Spanish lessons included. See lessons here.

The arts are even more important these days to bring joy to those living with dementia.  Below are some of OMAs favorite (and free) resources:

  • TimeSlips: The Creativity Center has ideas for conversations and collaborative story building remotely with people living with dementia.
  • Story Corps: Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, StoryCorps Connect is a first-of-its kind technology that enables individuals to take part in the magic of a StoryCorps interview with a loved one remotely.

Hundreds of Hours of Free Content

Contributed by:  TouchTown

If you’re looking for something to support wellness in the following areas, check out what Touchtown has to share:  Exercise, education, entertainment, emotional, spiritual, Social, professional/vocational, environmental,

Click here

The Bridge Virtual Concert Series

Contributed by:  Susan Hebbel, Founder, THE BRIDGE

This is not just “another”  concert!

You are invited to attend – virtually, of course – a series of performances by artists who have donated their time & talents free of charge for senior communities.  These artists are mainly Broadway performers, LA and Nashville recording artists, Disney performers, and music theatre university students.

These  virtual concerts have been shared with over 1000 senior living communities in the country over these last weeks.  The goal, the more seniors that get to see them, the better!

Technology How-to Videos
Contributed by:  LifeSpan

Keeping in touch and even obtaining food is more difficult these days. With the wonderful help of Rochester’s Daniel Jones ( ), Lifespan is happy to provide the following HOW TO videos.

Combating Loneliness, Helplessness, and Boredom

Contributed by: The Eden Alternative®

Need help navigating COVID-19?  Check out The Eden Alternative Facebook page to learn about upcoming Facebook Live sessions, or you can click here to view past Facebook Live events.

Covid-19 Resources

Contributed by: Karen Stobbe, In The Moment

Check out the website for tips and ideas to help, including tips to for families of persons living with dementia, a short video with with tips for visiting virtually, and tips for those working with persons with dementia in a care community and more.

Tips For-Families-of-Persons-Living-with-Dementia

Engagement Through Creative Arts

Contributed by: Timeslips

Ongoing Creative Resources Delivered to Your Inbox

In case you missed it, TimeSlips has been creating weekly content to be used for in-person or remote creative engagement.

  • Click here to make sure you’re signed up for our Weekly Dose of Creative Care Emails.
  • Click here for past Newsletters
  • Click here to check out TimeSlips Creativity center with lots of great free resources to spark creativity in your community.

Activity Ideas

Contributed by: The Hummingbird Project

A list of in-home activities to help reduce feelings of stress and isolation.


Music Resources from Singing Heart to Heart

Contributed by: Mary Sue Wilkinson, Singing Heart to Heart

Singing Heart to Heart, Connecting through Music, is a website designed to provide music resources for dementia care and activity professionals.

Online Sing Along Videos are all waiting for you HERE on the website.  No sign in or password needed.

Check out Mary Sue’s latest resource,  7 Simple Suggestions for Building a Culture of Music


COVID-19 Resources for Nursing Home Social Workers

Contributed by: The National Nursing Home Social Work Network

Check out the resources that include resources to support residents, staff, yourself, your family along with other helpful resources.


Contributed by: Sage Advocacy & Resources for LGBT Elders

Join SAGE as they match LGBT elders with community members and allies who want to connect during this time of crisis. Share your day. Share your stories. Let’s be stronger, together, with SAGEConnect.

Click here to learn more

Arts and Minds

Arts and Minds in NYC is bringing the “museum space to your space.


Virtual Connections

A hub for teams, individuals, senior living residents and families to access free activity and entertainment resources.


Maria’s Place

Creative activities for people living at home.


Silver Kite Community Arts

An array of creative activities, including free social hours.


Digital Timelines

Contributed by: Memory Well

Looking for a safe family activity to do with grandparents during the COVID19 crisis? MemoryWell is offering FREE digital life timelines. Families can gather virtually & build a life story with photos, music and videos and learn about their family history.

Using Poetry to Engage in Discussion

Contributed by: Circle Talk

Circle Talk shares a poem and discussion questions that can be used to facilitate discussion and support engagement.

Poem: The Guest House
CircleTalk Discussion Questions