Month: June 2018

The Wisdom of the Sage

By Claire Lucas Workforce challenges have become the norm for most health care providers. Low unemployment, increased competition and workforce shortages all contribute to the problem. Not only is it difficult to hire employees, but retention is also a serious… Read more

The Culture of Aging Needs to Change for All of Us

Penny Cook, President & CEO, Pioneer Network From an early age as I used to visit family members who lived in nursing homes, I got the sense they were treated differently.  Sometimes it was because they weren’t dressed in their… Read more

Grow A Culture of Critical Thinking to Calm Survey Angst

Keith Schaeffer, Writer, Action Pact eLearning Anxiety over the new Mega Rule survey process that examines caregivers’ critical thinking skills may have some long-term-care providers on edge, but not at Garden Spot Village in New Holland, PA. “Our focus on… Read more

“Weighing In” on a Few Things

  Brian LeBlanc Reprinted with permission from Alzheimer’s the Journey blog   First, let’s do some housekeeping: Yes, I still have Alzheimer’s Disease (and no, I’m still not “Faking It.”) I know everyone wishes for (me as well as everyone else… Read more