Month: February 2020


Karen Schoeneman Mabel was tired, so very tired. After four decades of traveling and performing, she was ready to just retire and live in peace. But she had not been able to save, and was worried there would be no… Read more

Tired to Inspired

People are tired in senior living. One of the reasons turnover rates are so high in this field is because the work we do is so darn physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Senior living provides some of the most rewarding… Read more

I’m Dying, but Here’s the Thing… So are you.

Article and Photos By: Michelle Olson, PhD, LCAT, ATR-BC, ACC/MC I had the joy and honor of raising monarch butterflies this past fall. I mean we all know that butterflies come from caterpillars. But to closely watch the process through every phase… Read more