A Time for Gratitude

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Warmest holiday greetings to all from Pioneer Network! 

May you slow down enough to recognize and enjoy the gifts we are surrounded by each day – a smile of gratitude in reply for having assisted an elder, a helping hand from a co-worker, the “have a great day” wish from a family member, and for all of us, being part of the huge team working together toward realizing a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful for every elder.

You and thousands of others have experienced first-hand glimpses from time to time into what that kind of culture can look like. Some of us have known a more sustained new culture, some of us are carried forward by those episodic glimpses and some of us hang on by faith in possibility.

No matter the progress made in your own heart or in your community, know that we all need each other to continue. This season we extend our Pioneer Network gratitude to those thousands of you for your hard work, your achievements, your challenges, and most of all for your staying with it. We all have a responsibility to share the possibility.

The Pioneer Network community is cultivated through the 36 coalitions that exist across the country, our annual national conference and webinars, news sharing, our support of research and policy change, and most importantly through our partnerships with individuals and organizations. How many things have you engaged with in your life that hold the meaning that a changed culture of aging promises? What a gift for each of us to give ourselves to be a part of this great action plan.

As we spend time with family and friends over the coming few weeks, let’s reflect on the past year about the good work being done with and on behalf of elders and those who support them.

May I propose that on December 31 at 10:00 p.m. we all hold up a glass with our favorite toasting beverages to share a virtual toast of thanksgiving for 2017’s achievements and for continued growth in 2018! If you can stay awake until midnight,
please do a second toast then.

With my admiration and appreciation,