Get Involved

Get Involved in the Culture Change Movement

We want you – to get involved and help make culture change the norm in this country!  Each person can, and does, make a difference – and we need your engagement to achieve the vision of a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane and meaningful.  There are things you can do at all levels – in your community, in your state, and nationally.

Here are some ways we invite you to get involved:


Take advantage of opportunities to hear from leading experts and your peers about best practices in culture change and how you can apply them.  Attend the Pioneer Network Annual Conference and Hot Topics: Culture Change in Action webinars.


Submit a proposal to present a session in your area of expertise at the conference, share your take-aways from our educational offerings with your colleagues; arrange for group viewings of our live or on-demand webinars in your organization.

Reach out

Help educate elders and their families about what is possible in long-term care, what questions they should ask to identify providers that are committed to culture change and provide person-directed care, and how they can get involved.


Offer your time and talent while getting connected to other like-minded individuals from across the country by serving on a Pioneer Network committee.  Contact us to share your interests or read connect-with-the-network-brochure.


Make a donation to support our mission


Participate in a state culture change coalition. Check our listing to find contact information for your state.  No coalition in your state?  Start one!  Contact Us for help getting started.