Join us for the 2018 Pioneer Network Pioneering a New Culture of Aging Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Let us live the mission of Pioneer Network as we come together
to create communication, networking and learning opportunities.

AUGUST 12 – AUGUST 15, 2018

2018 Pioneering A New Culture of Aging Conference Program Sheraton Conference
Floor Plan 
Exhibitor and Sponsor Gallery Floor Plan

This year we are excited to share with you those elements of the Pioneer Network Conference that have always made it a special event. Elements like outstanding concurrent and Intensive sessions presented by Guides who live and work in aging services everyday — some who you have come to know and love over the years and others who you will be meeting for the first time; site visits to local communities; inspiring General and Special sessions and a chance to meet and share ideas with the Sponsors and Exhibitors who inspire and help us each day with the products and services they provide to help in meeting the needs of staff and residents.

Change is what we are all about, and so change is what you will see this year when you come to Denver. The Sponsor and Exhibitor area will feature several special, interactive events including a Tech Experience, a Dementia Live Experience, a photo gallery and more.

We invite you to tour the conference website to learn about all the exciting opportunities you will have when you join your fellow Pioneers in Denver this coming August. We promise, as one of our attendees shared with us after her first Pioneer Network conference, that you will “find your people” and that during our time together in Denver, you will fill your bucket, and go back home renewed and ready to go the next mile, knowing that culture change and transformation are not destinations, but journeys, always works in progress.


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Carter Catlett Williams Convening the 2017 Pioneer Network Conference

Watch this wonderful video of Carter Catlett Williams, convening the 2017 conference. It is a 5 minute dose of culture change inspiration through Carter’s magnificent voice, heart and images. Show it to others and hand out Pioneer Network’s Values and Principles Card (pdf) and then discuss together what you are inspired to do in the days to come.

Copyright © 2017 by Wendy Lustbader. Used with permission. This video may be shared freely. Please credit Wendy Lustbader and indicate copyright.