"Be the Future"

Pioneer Network hosts an annual conference to showcase innovative thought and best practices in the long-term care culture change movement — as well as providing an opportunity for people interested in many aspects of culture change to network and inspire each other. Past conferences have been attended by more than a thousand people from across the United States and other nations who care deeply about changing the culture of aging. As always, we strive to make this event meaningful for people who are just starting on the culture change journey to build a sense of home and community for our elders — as well as those who have been actively engaged in this mission for some time.


Want to exhibit at the conference or be a sponsor?

Contact Lynda Crandall at lynda.crandall@pioneernetwork.net  or Cathy Lieblich at cathy.lieblich@pioneernetwork.net

Pioneer Network is pleased to be hosting our 2017 annual conference and it promises to be quite an event as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the gathering of the original Pioneers as well as the 30th Anniversary of OBRA. Our celebration will include opportunities to showcase innovative ideas and practices that are happening across the country and around the world which are advancing person-directed care and changing the culture of aging. We listened to past conference participants and are building into the conference more opportunities to learn from and be inspired by fellow pioneers through interactive sessions and networking.

The 2017 conference promises to be more than just honoring and celebrating the past, it will also be a time to explore how we can each “be the future.” Whether you are just starting out on your culture change journey or have been actively engaged in this endeavor for some time, there will be something there for you. Be sure to mark your calendars for July 30 – August 2, 2017, and plan to make the 2017 Pioneer Network Conference a stop on your culture change journey!